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An Artist Like No Others

Patrick Jordan Diggs, better known by his stage name Jdiggs Tha Prodigy is a Rapper/Songwriter from Fort Worth, Texas. Raised in a heavily religious household, he got his start in music in the church choir. He comes from a family of singers, although he himself does not sing much. He first got his start in rapping freestyling at house parties with his friends. It wasn’t until his late friend Sam “Sammy G” Garcia took him to a studio session in 2009 that he first recorded a prewritten verse to the “Uptown” beat by Drake, Bun B, and Lil Wayne. He has often been told that he sounds like a southern version of E-40 , or even a young Ice Cube. He would prefer to say that he just sounds like himself, but comparisons will always come whether he wants them or not. Having many different influences, he has a wide range of artistic ability and is willing to do anything that he wants to do with the sole purpose of just being heard. Anything from hip-hop to pop to just plain outside of the box style tracks, there is something for everyone to like in this man's repertoire. His strongest release to date, Detour , has already assisted him in making his presence known both in live performances and on Pandora radio and many other digital media outlets, leaving fans wanting more from him. Trust and believe that if you haven't found your favorite JDiggs Tha Prodigy track yet, it is in the process of being written or recorded at any given time.